Monday, April 26, 2010

Good news day!

This morning I gave the booties to Baby Emma's grandmother, and asked if I could post a link to Emma's blog. Here it is:
Miss Emma's grandma had some good news: Emma was to go home today! I haven't seen another post since the last one, but I imagine her folks are awfully busy getting ready to have her at home. I hope they'll keep us all posted!
I took some LB Wool Ease in colorway "Barley" to Miss A at work, to see if it might be the color she's thinking of, but no dice! So I can't knit her hat from stash I already have on hand--I need a ball of the oatmeal color, or the lighter tan that I've been using for my Olympic Challenge Vest (still UFO, unfortunately). So...I guess I'll go to Hobby Lobby, or Michael's or Joann's, & buy 1 ball each of the tan & oatmeal. But not till payday! In the meantime, I dug out a unfinished project that I came across during Saturday's stash reorganization: the second Moc Croc Sock! I had about 4.5" of the leg done, but now that's up to 6.75" and I've started the heel flap! I'm really rather excited to be getting close to done on this, as I'd love to wear these. Just to refresh everyone's memory, here's the first sock (before blocking): **

You can see why I want to wear them. Anyway, I have been just clicking along on these for the past couple of days, so maybe they both be on my feet next week! I found a couple of other hibernating projects as well: the big feather & fan stole (soon to be completely frogged, hanked, washed & rewound), the Lump of Coal project (I was going to give these to coworkers--I imagine I would have been real popular afterward!), and my lovely lace tank. I have been sorely tempted by a pattern in a book of men's knits, for which I just happen to own the yarn called for--in more than one color even! It's the SWTC Soy Silk that I originally bought for Sis' afghan-to-be, that I never got around to picking a pattern for--so it may as well entertain me some other way. Oh, speaking of entertaining, have you been following the Yarn Harlot's infatuation with baby booties? What a hoot! Well, it seems DiscoDame may soon have my supper ready, so goodnight chickadees!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got on Baby E's blog right after my last post, and found pics of her in the crocheted hat! Yippee! Nothing thrills a knitter/crocheter like seeing her handwork on the intended recipient. There's also a video of her having her first ever tub bath; she appeared to be rather surprised by the process and not too sure she wanted to be there. I finished the booties, so I'll load up some shots of those.

I've been asked to link to Baby E's blog, but as I haven't even asked her folks yet, I don't think I can do that right now. I'll give her grandmother the booties tommorrow.
I have another commission already, for a close fitting hat in a wool blend (mostly not wool! The buyer's allergic.), in a neutral color. A's asked for something in a tan or other neutral, and I found a skein of a light brown/tannish in the Lion Brand Thick & Quick that may fit the bill. I'll have to take the ball to her tommorrow to see if it's about the right color. I think it's a lovely soft brown. Miss A has a fair complexion, with medium brown hair and I think brown eyes. The soft brown may be a little too nondescript for her coloring (brunettes can carry deeper & brighter colors than folks with lighter coloring), or it may be exactly what she's looking for. It would be nice if I didn't have to shop for another yarn for this project!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Clicking along

I've been busy.

Two tiny preemie caps, for a very young lady (3 months) who already has her own blog!
(ShiBui Knit sock, 100% merino, oh so soft.) I'm not linking, because I haven't okayed that with her parents. I hope to see pictures on the little one.

And Dolly Blankie #2 is ready to send, so I'd better round up a medium sized box & get down to the Post Office tomorrow. Pictures are so weird: note how items in the sun have such intense color? I did an auto correct to get some color, as those things looked washed out. The shots taken in the shade have the softer colors, which are closer to what these goodies actually look like.
Today Disco & I worked on the Yarn Pile, trying to whittle it down some & find a few "lost sheep". The wooly yarns are now mostly under cover in plastic storage crates, in ziplocs -- the goddess' gift to knitters. I had some of it in ziplocs already, but TomTom Kitty has been chewing on them! The acrylic yarns are mostly in less secure storage, except for one large sackful which is going to charity. I'm keeping the baby yarns -- I still owe 3 more Dolly Blankies to Princess T, and they'll be the same easy care stuff as the first two.
Can you believe this sweet little face could hide such EVIL?

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Friday, April 16, 2010


We paid our income taxes by check, mailed last night. My wages got deposited this afternoon, so the check will be covered. I've already done some grocery shopping, just a small order as we had a lot of frozen food. Then I had to spend enough to make up the difference, on our internet security system renewal. Well, at least that's covered, too! **
I think the crocheted preemie cap is finished, JB seemed to think the size was right, so I applied a frilly crocheted flower just above the ribbing. I've been working on flowers for the knitted cap, which has been completely redone. It was a lot easier making the picot hem the second time! I made five repeats of the eyelet pattern, two more than on the original hat. But these silly crocheted flowers are kicking my butt: one's ok, one's uneven, one's too tiny, and one is so far unfinished. I'd like to whip up some booties too. Maybe with teeny pom poms!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has sprung

All taken last weekend at Cheekwood, one of my favorite places to visit this time of year. We've had a very quiet weekend here at Chez Divine, since $ is so tight. Have to conserve the fuel in the car, and stay out of yarn shops. Nevertheless, I have been knitting & crocheting: Dolly Blankie #2 is well under way (knitting), and I finished a crocheted preemie cap for JB's grandbaby. I don't want to post pictures before she's seen it, but since the sun's out I'll get some shots of both projects in a bit.
DiscoDame has been given a sort of deadline, to require a lot more effort on her part in securing employment. We're charging rent starting June 1. I think it should be payable in advance. Of course, Friday I had to give her another sum towards her credit card--and why does an unemployed chickadee have a credit card? Anyway, the card's paid off now, and the account's closed. Enuff of that stuff! I can tell the financial hoo-haw (it is so a word!) is going to be a bone of contention around the Manse Divine for quite some time. The Plaidman is acting like he's not at all concerned, which only makes me more frantic. You know what I'm saying. It's not helpful if it leaves me feeling like the only one that gives a d**n. It's like he's decided to take an extended vacay, but I wasn't invited. Anyway, I may start charging him rent June 1, too! His unemployment benefits (without extensions) will expire in July -- just in time for our anniversary, yippee. So perhaps we'll all go on a diet...I could stand to be a whole lot slimmer (smaller sweaters use less yarn!), since that would likely make me sexy as all getout! Yes, I actually do have cheekbones. I'm considering a search for a sugar daddy, or possibly seeing what a red-haired under 30 daughter will fetch in Abu Dhabi....

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