Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OOO, shiny!

DiscoDame has been busy making stitch markers. Check out these lovelies;

This is a short week for me, with the holiday followed by a mini-vacation (Weds thru next Mon). Disco & I are off to the 400-Mile Yardsale along Hwy 68 in Kentucky! First stop will be Paducah, so we can visit the quilt museum. Paducah is a pretty arty little town, I'm sure we can find all kinds of stuff to see. And then it's on down the hwy to see what else we can find.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fall down go boom

I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon lately, not much to say but an awful lot to do! I started a reversible cable scarf in the Bamboo Ewe, using 6 (six!) colors -- I really want to use it up. The scarf is, needless to say, eye-poppingly loud. I don't think I can find a new home for something so fugly, so I guess I'll wear it with my bright red coat. Why don't I just get a purple hat to go with the ensemble, and retire to the Senior Manse.
Are you reading Crazy Aunt Purl? Finally, some good news! I won't spoil it, in case you haven't seen it yet.
Mother's Day was super -- we went to the TACA Crafts Fair the Friday before, and our friend John had a booth there. Check out Center Earth Pottery (Google it; what am I, your librarian?) to see his lovely wares. I'm particularly fond of his "Monet" glaze; a couple years ago I got a teapot in that glaze. This year he had a berry washer (ok, it's a spiffy colander for all you Philistines) in the Monet. When he brought it out I wished him a happy Mother's Day and left my family in the booth! It doesn't work to be too subtle with my crew. Anyway, I now own a lovely berry bowl that matches my teapot. DiscoDame gave me the cutest card, and some hair sticks that I'd admired, although I believe I'll be using them for shawl sticks. The Plaidman also got me a sapphire pendant--my birthstone, he remembered.
Gah! I started this post over a week ago, I just don't have the blog bug right now. Oh well, for what it's worth here it is.