Monday, July 21, 2008

Long time no see you

Lawks, Gertie, it's been forever since I posted. The first of the Moc Croc socks lacks about 1" of foot, and the toe, of being done. I laid it aside to work on baby booties (don't worry, it's not the Dame's). I made two to the same pattern, and of course they're different sizes. But the third one matches the first one, now they just need the tiny buttons & some ends secured--guess I'll mail them soon.
Somebody will be surprised. Or I could just call on her at the hospital. Anyway, it's nice to be closing in on actually finising anything. The hours during the week are not conducive to writing; I'm usually pretty tired by the time I get back to base. I've been looking at dish & washcloth patterns, thinking some small yarny things could be worked up now for Christmas. Maybe make string bags for all our shoppers, a couple of berets (with scarves?), anything fairly simple & quite small that could be finished in couple of evenings. That's the plan, anyway.

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