Sunday, December 7, 2008

Need that fine adjustment tool....

For some unknown (to me, anyway) reason, all the stuff in my sidebar got moved to the bottom of the page. This happened a while back, and I've had my tech support (DiscoDame)looking into getting the sidebar back to the side. I've had to offer her actual money (!!!) for this assistance, and have no earthly idea when she'll either fix it or give up. Stay tuned for developments...

In the knitting news, I've started yet another pair of the funky slippers. These are in Christmas red & green, 1 strand each, worsted wt acrylic. I'm knitting both at the same time on sz 9 14" plastic needles. I've modified the sides by adding two stitches each side, so they'll rise higher on my ankle--yes, they're mine! The last pair I made were supposed to be mine, but are too short & I don't want to futz with taking them apart. I intend to knit the newest pair to 8" from cast on before I start the toe decreases, and by working both at the same time I hope to eliminate the unequal lengths I've been getting on all the previous pairs. AND there's more Christmas knitting: The Dame needs a "real" nice hat & scarf, so I'm making a set for her in brushed alpaca--YUM! What lovely stuff it is! Absolutely feather light, but oh so warm. I sure hope she takes good care of it. The Plaidman needs a seriously warm hat too. We found an appropriate pattern, but I'll need some Wool Ease -- yarn shopping!! Yippee!

I have about given up on the idea of handknits for all in my dept. at work -- that's 18 people, folks! And I'm just one knitter, running out of time. So what to do with the few pieces I've finished? I'm real tempted to store them for next year, & just say I got an early start. Why not? Because it feels like cheating, I guess. I think I can get over it, though.

The Pupster called Thanksgiving day, & I have not yet responded. I'm a baaaad daughter, I know. But geez, if you could hear the message he left--he sounded half stoned. He was visiting some friends, and I guess they got him hammered. Sure hope they let him stay the night! I should call.

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discodame said...

good news, Ma! yer side bar is fixed!! bad news (fer me!) is that i didn't fix it! oh well. :D