Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holding pattern

The middle of the month..does it feel like that pause at the top of the first long rumble downslope on the roller-coaster? Maybe it's just me. I had a surprise over the weekend, or not really--the afterbirth of a large ruminant mammal has turned into a hat! I finished it Saturday, and have now started a scarf to coordinate with it. It can't "match", because the Whispers yarn isn't available anymore. The half-skein of red left from the hat will become very subtle stripes in the scarf, which will mainly be another Sensations yarn, Angel Hair. It's nice & soft, and very nearly the same shade of red, and has eyelash wisps as well. It's core is a roving-look (I think it's blended wool & acrylic), wrapped with a tiny chainette eyelash. Drat, I haven't got a picture of the finished hat! Guess I'll get that this weekend. I had a dreadful moment last Thursday, when I realized that #1's birthday was just around the corner, and I had nothing started! Crochet to the rescue!! On Saturday I finished the Pretty Purses pattern(s), in two different Sugar'nCream yarns, and Monday I put a tiny box in the mail to #1. She'll have a small (would hold a soup can) drawstring purse, and an even tinier envelope-style shoulder bag. And now I'm planning something for Niece II, something in cotton, of the tank top or short-sleeve sweater, also in cotton, but knitted. There are lots of cute patterns out there. So far, the tank tops I've been interested in all seem to use about 200 to 275 yards worsted wt cotton. I believe I'll start looking for Handicrafter on sale somewhere. I figure 4 or 5 hanks should work.
I'm a bit bummed that I don't have a shot of the Afterbirth Hat; here's some cuteness to compensate for that:

Miss Hinky Boo invades TomTom's favorite nap spot! He confronts her, although he knows it's hopeless.

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