Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to do

I have been cleaning out my documents saved on the computer, which are mostly knit & crochet patterns. I'm moving them to disks, labled by the type of item that the patterns produce. Unfortunately, some of the stuff I "saved" wasn't saved well, and the older files are the most corrupt. Also, a lot of stuff got saved as HTML docs, which require internet access to work, but I want them resaved so that I don't have to get on the Internets -- I've been copying them to word docs, and inserting the graphics, & saving the thing in that format. Then I can delete the link. Our poor old Dell equipment may be on it's last legs, so I'm trying to lighten it's load a bit. This is taking a very long time, simply because of the age & slowness of the equipment. But it's gotta happen, I'm not losing all these patterns I've collected!

I'm on vacation today, and should be knitting Niece #2's Tropical Lily top. I've decided it needs the lifeline every 4th row, to try to keep the stitch count correct. I'd like to have 6 more repeats of the pattern, before making the bodice. On Ravelry, I looked at other knitters' results for this pattern; no one else seems to have had the same problem I did. So, I'm UNIQUE! Wonderful.

I was reading the Harlot's blog, and I can surely identify with her dorkiness: after reading about her February Lady sweater meeting EZ's February Baby sweater, I went to her 4/10/08 blog entry, enlarged the photo of me & my tiny socks, and printed it! DiscoDame put it on the 'fridge, sure to put me off my feed for a while.

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