Friday, June 12, 2009

Wait here; I haz a surpriz...

It's Friday, one of the few I haven't worked lately. I have been a poor host, leaving you all alone for so long! I actually kept a diary while I was in Texas, but have misplaced my notebook. The whole purpose was to have it together for the blog, but the wheels fell off. So there's probably not going to be a "blow by blow" account of my visit (until I find that notebook!), but Texas was lovely as usual. My nieces are both little lights in the wilderness, in very different ways of course. :)

To paraphrase Kliban, I love my nieces to pieces. The rest of the family? They're ok too. Pup is still an old fart, Sis is still wound a little too tightly, and her DH is still just the nicest guy.

And I got to visit with Sis' MIL again this trip, although she was a bit under the weather. Last but not least, I met the Stamper sisters, a really sharp-dressed & -witted pair of fine lady octagenarians, one of which may be Pup's "girlfriend". What a hoot!! We went out to dine with the ladies twice, and spent a few hours just sitting at their dining table & shooting the breeze. I hope I wasn't putting a crimp in Pup's "style".

I did work on some knitting, actually casting on in the airport. It was to be a lace scarf for DiscoDame's birthday buddy, but somehow I got lost in it and wound up with an extra stitch -- the bane of my existence, that extra stitch!-- so it was frogged when I got home. I crocheted a tiny charm bag for Neice A, and also got to teach her to knit. How bright is this kid? She picked it up in two hours, TWO HOURS, on the car ride from Sis's to the San Antonio Zoo. This craft, which I love & never have enough time for, which it took me probably two years to figure out, she picks up in two hours. I'm floored. Or gobsmacked, I'm not sure which.


Oh yeah, we went to the Zoo! Kinda necessary, as I had to be in San Antonio to catch my flight home, but my "driver" had up & left Sis's a day earlier than planned. Oops! But it worked out, as least as far as the transportation issue. Then I got an inkling of why Sis has been so wound up about Pup: he knew I was coming down, knew it weeks prior, but when we got to his house (he joined us at the Zoo), there was hardly any food there. Pup has a rather limited diet, hates cooking for himself, so he usually dines out. But after the whole day at the Zoo, we were both pretty tired, and I was famished. Now, I have believed for most of my life that I disliked tomato soup, can't stand it! Pup had no lunchmeat to put on the bread he had, no eggs, not even any cheese--but he had an extra large can of condensed tomato soup. I ate it all, two big bowls full, and absolutely loved it. But I'm almost afraid to try it at home--am I really hungry enough to enjoy it?

I am still working on the secret project for my pal, and am nearing the finish line. The collar is the final knitting, and it's more than half done. I've started on a five-part project for Neice T, something I'd asked her about while we were in the playroom. Neices A & T were playing, both on their knees at the train table (very low, has toy train set up on it), and I was watching them & looking around at all their toys. Now, A was never all that "into" doll babies (she seems to like Barbie well enough), but T has a large collection of baby dolls, and loves them. I aked her if she had enough blankies for her babies, because if she needed one or two more I could knit them. She thought for moment, looked around, then held up her hand with fingers spread. "This many!" she said. So Princess T has given me a commission which I'm honored to endeavor to achieve. I've started a Feather & Fan baby blanket, making a little smaller than the pattern calls for, but then I had a thought (why this didn't occur before I'd knit 4" of it, I'll never know): what if I could make these 5 different baby blankies in such a way that when T is past her baby doll stage, I can piece the blankies together to make her a lapghan. Yeah, it's ambitious; so I'll move out of my comfort zone, and just go ahead & frog the F & F blankie. It needs to be bigger. Kinda like everything else in Texas.

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