Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finito! Bella!

It's all lovely unbirthday surprise for my longtime buddy, T2daL! However, it was not without its problems: somehow I got a few extra stitches in the back (just knit a few together), and the ribbed cuffs were both large with one being very much larger than the other. The pics here are "before" frogging the cuffs & reknitting with a smaller pair of needles. But now she's done:

Tonight, I need to make a smaller box out of a business forms box, pack 'er up & label it for delivery, via our interoffice courier system. She's gonna flip. I hope she remembers her "inside voice" when she calls me!
I'm still working on the first of FIVE (count 'em, FIVE) doll blankets for Little T in Texas, but I'm nearly done -- about 4 more rows & the bind off, and off the needles! No pics yet, but when you see them you'll probably think of sherbet. Or an explosion in the cotton candy factory...

OK, that was the good news. Now for the bane of modern existence, car talk! Late last month, DiscoDame..erm, The Intern & I were returning home from the grocery (about $250.00 US poorer) along Clarksville Hwy in The Purl (my black Malibu [which at one time I considered naming Barbie--get it? Barbie Malibu?]). There's an exit ramp from Briley Pkwy, and someone was pulled off the ramp into the opening in the median on Clarksville Hwy, when a white Ford pickup joined them there briefly then came right out practically on top of the Malibu! I swerved, he swung, and he still managed to remove the back bumper and warp the frame on the back end of the Malibu. No one injured, thank the Lord, but the asshat may have given the responding officer of the law an invalid address, and almost certainly did not have insurance, and we've got a $500.00 deductible---so my grocery trip costs us $750. And look at my poor car!

The other end looks sooo much nicer, especially with the vanity plate I received as a Mother's Day gift; check it out:

Plaidman has discovered a whole new vein of giftables for his old lady. I got a team jersey, a lanyard, and a t-shirt for wedding anniversary gifts, all with Steelers logo all over 'em! I'm just tickled. Here's Dis..erm, The Intern modeling my Roethlisberger jersey:

It fits me. Too damn bad, right? And hey, I really wanted a Holmes (#10) jersey, but it wasn't available in my size (Gigantor). Still, I'm styling!

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Nalamienea said...

Looks great! How did you get the stripes in it like that? :)

Ann said...

This is a Lion Brand free pattern, for their Homespun in one color. I had made a beret in two colors for T2daL, and wanted to make a coordinating shrug. The shrug is mostly seed stitch; I added the stripes at random by carrying the colors up the side, ending & starting at either side so the stripes could be different widths. I'm pleased with how it turned out, & thanks for your comment!

katknit said...

Got a smile from seeing the little shrug followed by the giant football shirt! Nice work!

Ann said...

katknit, T's shrug ain't just looks that way on me (size Gigantor shirt fits!). I was really concerned that I hadn't made it big enough, but T has it & has said she loves it, whew!

inkberryblue said...

The shrug looks lovely and cozy. Sorry about the car. It doesn't take much of an impact to leave a whole lot of damage, does it?