Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have it. I want to cast on about 3 more items. I have cast on for a tank top in Cotton Bam Boo, lacy enough to be a nice camisole. Took several swatches to find gauge, but I'm glad I swatched. I believe I'll keep the swatches, as I really like the yarn & could definitely see knitting with it again. But I'm not really very far into this tank, and I'm yearning to cast on for a sweater for the Plaidman--I've got a pile of Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Silk in three colors. Boy is it soft. And way too pretty (*snif*)! Anyway, I'm looking at pullover patterns for gentlemen, which you'd think would be pretty easy to find on Ravelry. Not so much, dudes! Pickings are slim. I bought a book about knitting for men; there a some ganseys in there I rather like. Ok, so that's one new cast on item, one still in development with yarn already bought, and I'd like to knit some hats for Christmas in the office.

We actually cooked today, even though we don't plan to eat our cooking until tomorrow night. We (DiscoDame & I) chopped veggies, browned pork sausage, measured broth/wine (!),tomatoes, etc & threw it all in the slow cooker to make Italian Sausage Soup. Then we went to the Music City Barbecue Festival, where we ate no barbecue...DD & I ripped into a turkey leg instead. Go figure.

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hehehe I think I have that too!