Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nearly clean plate

*** Delayed due to aggravation, this post is now about six weeks late getting online -- better late than never? ***THIS IS MY 5OTH POST! I'm still working on ONE LAST X-Mas gift for a coworker. I'd gathered together all the accessories I'd knitted, and realized that I actually had enough for all the coworkers, & carried them to the office. I blithely handed out one to each, and let a few take more than one (I had extras!!). It was only later that I realized I'd forgotten to give one to BH! Drat! So I still have that in progress, as well as the last pair of slippers mentioned in the previous post. Now, one pair of the finished slippers were supposed to be for my niece, so I'll need to finish the last pair as her size. It may be a while before I do that. I'm still stuck on making cowls! and I went back to Michael's for more (a LOT more!) of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is just super for cowls. I joined a cowls group in Ravelry. I may be sliding into an addiction here....but it's so satisfying to complete a project in just a few hours of work. And I've been able to use my new toy, a Christmas gift from the Plaidman: a manually operated ball winder! Another fun gadget, and many more Brownie points for the Plaidman! Last summer, I stopped into Big Lots just to see if they might have some yarn. They had Moonlight Mohair and Lion Suede, for $1.50 a ball--so a lot of that came home with me! I'm making BH's cowl from the Moonlight Mohair (actually, this is her "other" cowl: all the other coworkers got to pick out their gift from a selection, so I'd like BH to have the same opportunity), after trying it in an easy lace pattern worked on the needles suggested in the pattern. That first one turned out to be a bit snugger than what I think BH would like, but I learned that a) I need to use a bigger needle and b) I can cast on enough for another repeat of the pattern and c)the pattern as written takes more than one ball of MMohair. So I'm working it in one Main Color (Sahara) with two Contrast Colors used as narrow stripes (Purple Mountains & Everglades). It's AWESOME!! No pics yet, but as soon as it's finished I'll snap some. I got shots of the cowls, which I had fun editing too. So I thought I'd just sprinkle them throughout this post, which will definitely slow down the posting--Blogger on dial-up, can't go fast!
In other news, the Plaidman is still a non-smoker! This makes me so happy, I'm not at all sure you want to see how happy I am. But I'm a little ashamed too: I've been meaning to use fabric refresher in his car, to get the smoke smell out, but just haven't found the time and will coinciding. Now it's full dark outside, and we have feral cats out there..I ain't about to go out there! DiscoDame is still living on borrowed time (& money & shelter...),i.e. living at home with the folks & sucking the very life out of us -- Situation Normal. She went to a shower for a friend's second (illegitimate) child, which was held at a buffet where you have to pay to get into the dining area. Yes, in addition to paying for a present, or in her case a whole sackful of presents. This is the same friend who feels free to call on her as an unpaid babysitter for the first child. This friend doesn't seem to realize that any funds DiscoDame has are derived from her parents' paychecks! I've expressed my indignation to DD, and suggested several times that she should ask for $ whenever she cares for the kiddo--she might not get it, but it would send a message to ask!
What's really funny: Miss Friend works for WalMart, and put her baby on their gift registry! Like we're all gonna go buy her a bunch of stuff she could get with an employee discount. She also put Baby2 on the Target registry; I think DiscoDame bought her gifts there. But for heaven's sake, how nervy can a gal get? First off, a baby shower for a second child -- used to be considered gauche, since one presumably hung onto the goodies from Baby1's shower. I know, nowadays every baby gets a shower; they're all special, etc. Next, hosting the shower herself--is DD her only friend or relation that cares enough to have a shower? 18 people showed up to celebrate (mostly family--maybe DD is her only friend!); could not one of those folk be persuaded to host a party? And the most galling offence has to be holding this shindig at a venue requiring payment to enter. That's just too much. Whatever happened to getting together at a friend's/relative's home, just a dozen or so folks, hosted by the homeowner with basic cake & ice cream, mints & nuts for nibbles, on paper plates with plastic dinnerware?
Well, I thought I'd put pics in this post, but Blogger isn't doing that at all, sorry! I will save this in draft & try again another time.

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