Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An accomplishment

Last Saturday I figured out the instructions for making a blind hem on the little Brother sewing machine. Now, I know this doesn't seem like much -- but I'm only 5'1" and everything I wear has to be hemmed, I'm closer to 60 than to 50 and I've never machine-hemmed anything except a nightgown or two. So, today I'm wearing a brand new pair of trousers, that I machine-hemmed! And there's another pair in the closet, all nicely hemmed, and brand new! You'd never know I took home-ec in school...back in the Stone Age. DiscoDame is supposed to be picking up her cap & gown today, so this new skill will likely come in handy again--she's an inch shorter than I am!
Just for fun:

DiscoDame downtown, what can I say!

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