Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Oh Canadia..."

All who've read CAP today, sing along! Laurie, the post before today's made me laugh out loud at work. If I could comment on it & tell you so, I surely would. How could someone so funny and cute and real have such self-doubt about dating? She's hiking the hills of Hollywood alone, but is in fear of a date...go figure.
I suppose I can't really say much, as the Plaidman & I have celebrated our 34th anniversary already. I have not the clue how one would go about dating now. Wish I did have, 'coz then maybe I could get DiscoDame a date; and maybe I'll live long enough to see her married, when pigs fly.
Disco called me a while ago, and I told her my thought about putting a label on her stitchmarker sets. I'm thinking of a small tag, maybe round or oblong, attached to the ring holding the set, with her name & a website (probably this blog site). That way, folks who've seen them could get in touch to order some.
I'm getting soo close to being done with Camp Loopy project #2. I've seen the requirement for project #3, and I'm pretty sure I've got enough of one or two yarns to meet the requirements. I just don't know if I want to embark on such a large project, knowing I only have a month to finish it. I'll let you know.

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