Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello stranger

Good grief; it's been almost a month since I posted. I'm sorry--I know how disappointed I get when my favorite bloggers go silent. There's been knitting, and knitting-related activity over here at Chez Plaid. I worked several more repeats on the EWW, a few more rows on Plaidman's slippers, and even another square on the 3rd Dolly Blankie. I took some vacation time, so wound up with five days in a row of goof-off time. I unraveled a thrift store sweater! I bought it for the wool, which is a terrific purpley-red tweed, and it looks like it's worsted too. I'm thinking "Vest" for this stuff. There are several more thrifted sweaters in the stash, just begging to be unraveled and reused--so I'll stay away from the yarn shops for a while. Not that I have a yarn buying moratorium per se--I'm going to a festival (well..two festivals, actually) next month, and will likely buy some goodies there. Pinching the pennies till then...
Chez Plaid is about to get a mini-makeover. A couple of my vacation days were spent (also some $ was spent!) in the hardware store (Ace on Charlotte Ave in [horrors!] West Nashville), getting the "stuff" we need to start a project. I bought two foundation vents to replace missing ones, two Tyvek-like coveralls, and a large humane trap. Yes, we're going into the crawlspace! So the feral cats have gotta go to the pound. Plaidman says there's lots of spiders under there...if you don't hear from me again before June, send the Orkin man.
We had the requisite corned beef & cabbage out of the crockpot, only I had a new recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking , for her Dijon corned beef. Yummy! Simple! I really need to use the crockpot more.

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