Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monday, Monday

I meant to get to the library to give y'all the Mid-weekend Update, but it just didn't happen over the weekend.  The Plaidman has mentioned that he'd like to retire; I suppose I should have jumped on that mere mention of the possibility with both feet.  Because he's given his notice and notified Social Security that he wants to start drawing -- but not until after his birthday in June!!  So, I'm to be the sole support of Chez Plaid, until SS starts paying him and Dog only knows how long that will take.  In the meantime, the group I work for has changed their payroll processor.  April 13th was their first shot at our biweekly pay, and mine was all messed up:  my name was misspelled on the paystub, and they only deducted about 26% of my insurance premium.  Well, I didn't know a thing about that until the following Monday (I work four 10-hour days, so I can have Fridays off).  I did let my supervisor know about both errors, and thought this would be resolved by the April 27 paydate.  I'd have 164% of the insurance premium deducted, but that wouldn't be too bad...only it didn't work that way.  Neither error was corrected.  IF the correction goes into effect before the 5/11 paydate, I'll only have a huge insurance premium deduction. (For those of you who love figures, it'll be 247.24% of the regular premium.) If it doesn't, I'll be hot hot hot because so much of my pay will be gone all at once! 

Oh, let's talk about something more pleasant.  I'm still working on the Gumball Hat ('coz it looks like an explosion in the gumball factory) for Princess T.  I'd had it done, pulled the last 8 stitches together at the top ...and decided to try it on.  It was so shallow, barely a skullcap.  Back to the drawing board!  I tried to pick up stitches in one row below the crown decreases, and somehow "lost" a stitch (I cheated and made one!).  Then I knit 4 rows, and hey look down there about 16 rows half of the row that's supposed to have YOs and K2Ts doesn't have either.    Sigh!  Picked up (evenly this time) all around just below a purl row, frogged yet again, and now...I'm one pattern repeat past where I'd started the crown decreases the first time.

Plaidman's mum has been very ill, and is now in long-term care.   She's been very depressed, and last week Plaid's brother called to discuss her wanting to stop all care.  She's also been talking about the Plaidman a lot, to her other kids.  So...despite the weirdness with my pay, and Plaidman's retirement (and from what I've heard I don't expect to see SS $ until September), I bought him a round trip air ticket to Chicago.  He'll be spending Mother's Day with his mom this year.  When I told Disco that her dad was going North for Mother's Day, she said, "Good!"  And I certainly don't mind if he's out of pocket that weekend; he ain't my kid!  Disco & I will likely go to a movie (my treat, of course -- she hasn't any money), and maybe a luncheon or brunch.  So it will be just mother & child here, and that's just fine. 

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