Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not quite last minute jitters

Ok, coming up on mid-week, and our Race For The Cure happens this Saturday!  Thanks to all who've stepped up and donated to this cause.  The rest of you: what are you waiting for?  You probably know someone who's been affected, or know their families, or ARE their families....  Think of how these folks would feel, if a cure could be offered.  Think of all the folks getting screened, because the Susan G. Komen Foundation works to make it possible.  I know you'll do the right thing. 

Ahem! let me just jump off the soapbox now.  The Young Gent & I have discussed the Cowboy Surf scarf/cowl and decided a cowl is definitely the way to go.  I've reworked the formerly bound off edge, with a few more rows in pattern, a couple extra rows of stockinette with buttonholes, and several rows of garter stitch.  Now to find the buttons.  We talked about toggles -- I wasn't sanguine, but he is -- and now I'm looking for some nice grey (his choice!) toggles that aren't more than about 1.75" long and 5/8" around.  I came across a terrific site,, with a plethora of super nice buttons.  And it's not just the buttons that are great: they're all sorted well, right in the sidebar!  Easy-peasy looking for whatever you might have in mind; I've bookmarked it for later use. 

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