Friday, February 8, 2013

199 notes to self

This is my 199th post.  I am knitting a good bit anymore, having finished Disco's pink hat, finished the heel flap for the second fruit salad sock, and added another inch or so to Pup's sock #1.  No two-color knitting yet!  But I've been looking at patterns, from extremely simple to (only) slightly more complex stranded patterns.  I'd like to start with something small, like a hat or mittens.  Of course, now that she's got the hat & scarf and gloves, we need to be thinking about legwarmers for Disco -- and for me, the hat & legwarmers.  After all, we're a team in the Komen Run for the Cure; gotta have team togs!  To that end, I've been to Bliss Yarns to get some pictures of "the ladies" holding my socks and to pick up an Addi Lace 40" circular, size 8 (5 mm).  Disco's hat was worked on birch dpns, which developed splinters & splits before I was finished!  I kept having to stop & sand down the points again.  I've worked the Thistle Hat's cable crosses on my hat, now just need the crown. 
the wall of Cascade at Bliss Yarns!  And they were getting ready to add more.....
I may have put this one up before, it's Disco nearing the finish line after her 5K walk for the cure last October.  I made a scarf for each of us, and I figure I'll add to the outfit yearly. 

I don't know why no one has left a comment in like, forever, but please don't be shy!  I usually try to say hello or "nice work!" whenever I visit another blog.  But whatever you say, please say it nicely: I moderate, and I don't publish comments that are derogatory.  It's my blog, after all.  

Happy Valentines Day! XOXOXO

ETA:  I can't put up pics of Bliss Yarns, without a pic of my "other" home away from home, the Haus of Yarn on White Bridge Road. 

Today's their 10th anniversary celebration, and they had cupcakes (Disco indulged!), and dark chocolate with pomegranate (I indulged!).  And I found something fun that had to come home with me:  Zauberball!
Is that wild, or what?  I see some rather snazzy socks in my future...


notes12 said...

Hey, just come to your blog from the knit princess, loving that zauerball (probably spelt wrong, meh). Would love to get me one (or five!) but nowhere seems to seel them in plymouth *sighs*

Sava said...

That is some glorious yarn. It will make some beautiful socks, if that is what it's destined for!