Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Just breathe normally..."

I need fireworks:  I've survived a week of health-provider visits!  Last Thursday it was the dentist (everything ok there), then Tuesday was a follow-up colonoscopy (everything ok there; the Dr. even gave me some nice pictures to take home [!?!?!? Why !?!?!?]), then today I had my annual check-up and a bone density scan.  BP's a little higher than it needs to be; have to wait on blood test results to know whether statin drugs are in my immediate future.  I've been taking niacin with supper for several months now, to help bring down my cholesterol--hope it's working! 
Gad, the hat craze has had me.  I made a rose pink cabled hat for Disco, with plans to make another for myself -- as part of our ensemble for Team Pink Ruffle.  I finished the second hat, and it was just a bit less deep than the first one.  So I added earflaps with i-cord ties, with tassels!  Good grief, but it's wacky looking!  Disco has claimed that one (thank you, Dog), so I'll just have to muddle thru with the original.  But I was having so much fun with this cable pattern, I had to make another hat--only NOT pink.  I cleaned out a lot of acrylic yarns from my stash (three 13 gallon bags of it went to Goodwill), and found this denim blue stuff.  I don't think it was an entire skein.  But I started another hat with it, with only two cable crosses.  Then I worked some increases (knit f & b) to increase each repeat from 11 to 16 stitches, and started on a floral lace pattern.  It's done, and again a little shallower than it should be -- but I ran out of yarn!  And Dog only knows how old that yarn is; I don't think one can even find that brand anymore.  I put in a lot of work on the "fruit salad" socks today, what with two appointments hours apart.  Still have about 2.5" of foot before toe decreases.  The heel flap on Pup's Steelers sock #1 is complete, just started the turn.  Sure hope I can figure out how to work the entire heel in a color different from the main color!  I'm sure this will be a learning experience. 
Bliss Yarns had a sale last weekend.  I fell big time.  I may be one of their favorite customers.....

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