Friday, April 19, 2013

Home life

Yep, I'm back in middle Tennessee, with the Plaid Patrol up to our usual tricks.  How quickly my roomies revert to type; I don't think they cooked or cleaned in the kitchen the ENTIRE week I was gone.  Yesterday was my first day back at work, really hard to get in gear -- and I did not have dinner waiting when I got home.  Sigh!  Even the cats seemed a bit underwhelmed by my return.
After picking me up at the airport, Pup drove to The Olive Garden Restaurant -- one of his "usual" haunts!  Pup doesn't cook for himself, so he's been eating two meals a day at restaurants.  After lunch, we swung by The Yarnivore, just off NW Military Hwy and only about 3 or 4 miles from Pup's house!), and I picked up some  (more) cable needles -- and why did I pack a cabled project without the cable needles?  I did my packing Tuesday evening and was up way past my bedtime getting it done, so I guess I'm lucky I had a toothbrush!  The brain had gotten a bit frazzled by the time I put my head on the pillow... Pup & I then went to his house and relaxed until dinnertime, when he took us to the Black-eyed Pea restaurant.  I ate just the most tender, flavorful pork chop I've ever encountered.  I checked yesterday, and glory glory there's one in Hendersonville!  I can't wait to take Plaidman there; he's crazy about a good chop.
Thursday the two of us cruised over to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, had lunch in their recently refurbished cafe, and strolled around a while.  The orchid enclosure is not to be missed.  I took pictures (of course), but didn't get Pup to take mine as he'd already told me I looked like a Greek orphan.  I guess it was the navy "short pants" and sweater?  Whatever.... We made plans for Friday, Witte Museum in the a.m. followed by lunch, then hitting the road for Austin.  But it didn't quite work that way.  We left for Austin about noon, and stopped for lunch at Jim's (Pup had another pork chop!), arriving at Sis' about 1:30 or so.  Bro-in-law was there to let us in, but Sis & the nieces hadn't gotten home yet.  Pup decided not to stay the night, and left before the ladies got home.  O..K...  Friday was the Princess' birthday, and we were all supposed to help her celebrate.  There was a bit of another hitch:  Miss A was away at a competition, and wouldn't be getting back until about when the Princess should be going to bed, but wanted us to wait on her arrival before we went to dinner.  I think Sis turned the Escalade around 3 times before we got it sorted, and Bro agreed to go pick up Miss A after the rest of were seated.   I think it was worth the trouble.  Miss A's orchestra won the State competition!  and she got a Level 1 (tops!) for her solo!!  So we had lots to celebrate.  There was a lot of laughing, and we all decided the Princess' birthday should just continue all weekend (not quite what my Mom would call a "Polish birthday", but sort of mini-version of such).  More plans were laid: we'd all go to see Jurassic Park 3-D on Saturday!  (Insert maniacal laughter here.)  Nothing's more fun than scaring the snot out of an eight-year-old!  Sis threw popcorn at me; I threw it back--the usual family shenigans.  We wouldn't be our parents' kids otherwise.
During the two days I spent with Pup, he told me quite a few interesting stories, some about his service in the Army Air Corps, some dog stories.  When I get done writing down all I can remember of what he said, I'll have to do some research -- the wartime stories are particularly interesting.
Well, I was hoping to put pics of Miss A's mitts here & on Ravelry, but they're not on my flashdrive...and I'm at the library.  I've gotta go soon; Disco is across the street at the convention ctr, volunteering at the booth shared by Susan G. Komen Foundation & St Thomas Health.  And I haven't had any lunch yet, so I hope some of the vendors are giving away snacks....

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