Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Only two more weeks

Groan!  I don't know how I'll ever finish what I want to make for the dept.  I've discovered another method of making the ruffly scarves, using a spool knitter (I know!  Who'd a thunk it!), which Disco loves to use.  I then offered her $2.00 for every scarf she could finish.  So she went off and found her smaller spool knitter, and has been happily making I-cord for two days.  I don't recall asking for I-cord.  I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel, but I am stopping at the library on the way home...mixed messages, much? 
Laws, look what I did!  I won another blogger giveaway!  Just two days ago I got a Harmony Guide to Edgings, from Lara Smoot ( [love her name...]).  And the same day, I read torirot's stitches ( found out that she drew my comment for a free pattern!  I chose her Blomekrans Vest, which is just fabulous and looks like it'll be a ton of fun.  So folks, I'm lucky -- you'd better follow this blog, the luck might rub off.
We have not put up a single holiday decoration yet, except for the Santa mobile that always hangs over the bookcase (too hard to get to, to take it down!), and a little shelf-sitter by the front door.  But today I found the cutest idea for using old greeting cards for ornaments, and I think I'll have to put that to use. 
Gotta run!  Happy holidays!

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