Thursday, February 27, 2014

Missing a friend I never met

Yesterday I dropped off a 16 lb sack of Meow Mix, a 4 lb bag of Purina Kitten Chow, and two bundles of large trash bags and tall kitchen trash bags at the Nashville Humane Society.  Some puppies there tried to call out ot me, but I resisted.  Don't you know, when I went to their website earlier, and looked at their donations page, it opened to a picture of a tiny ginger kitten in someone's hand...and Duncan was ginger...Sigh.  Teh catz haz such efer epfem short little lives.  Cat folks have to learn to deal with missing them.  I like to remember some of mine, especially The Snow Baby.  If she was days from delivering kittens, and soaking wet, she might have weighed six pounds.  The Snow Baby was a white, mostly-Persian little lady of a cat.  Her eyes were a dark gold in color, and her nose and ears showed pretty pink accents.  Always ready to play, I could play with her all day and never ever get scratched--such lovely manners!  She pretty much liked everybody, although she did give the shepherd pup a bad scratch to his face.  She was provoked!  The dingy dog put his nose right in her tummy; she probably thought she was about to get eaten.  He never did that again.


discodame said...

*sigh* I miss The Dogcat, too. And I wish I were old enough to remember Snow Baby. I do remember "the dingy pup", only not as a pup, but as an adlut dog. Didn't he let me hang onto his fur when I was learning to walk?

CeltChick said...

It was his ear that you held onto! So cute, you weren't any taller than he was, and his tail was wagging so fast it "helicoptered" instead of going back & forth. He LOVED the alphas' pup!