Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bless this mess

Last night I found out that the bed I've been using here in Texas has a heated mattress pad....I may never go home....  Perfect timing, as I'd been worn to a little nubbin trying to keep up with Sis, aka Super Shopper!!
We had a birthday luncheon at the Princess' school, then Super Shopper carried me around to Randall's, then Savers (all donated items, sales supporting programs for children), then Tuesday Morning (I had a major fall down on the budget there, SHHH!), and finally Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts.  I don't know how she does it.  By the time we left Tuesday Morning, I was ready for a nice long visit to a recliner & maybe some mindless TV (Sis has a great media room!), but we still had to get a few items at Jo Ann. 
I've started a lace scarf on the road.  Hope it goes better than the last time I tried that!
Yes, Disco, our dingbat dog was the one that let you hang onto his ear while you learned to walk.   I'd like to find that pic I took of him, while I had the camera in one hand and his favorite toy in the other!  Lots of BIG TEETH coming right at the camera!

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