Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I need a list

Or a spreadsheet, or just to have my head examined.  We are closing on the condo in two days!!!  We'll still own the crackerbox house, so there's no huge hurry to move -- but neither the Plaidman nor I can lift, push or pull much.  We'll need some help, which I'd like to hire.  The Plaidman has changed over the utilities at the condo, and our insurance is in order on both properties (I have two houses.  Who'da thunk it?), and you know I can't hold more than three thought trains in line at a time.  SO ... I don't know what else I need, other than a good list. 
I have frogged the sleeve joins, neckline decreases & raglan decreases on the Gramps Cardigan.  I watched Kate Oates' little video about moving the stitches to maintain the cable pattern, in fact I watched it about 3 times in a row.  I did not have any knitting in my hands, to be able to duplicate her process while watching.  So, I need my tech person aka DiscoDame to get into that video & download it to a flash drive, so I can watch it at home with the $&(#% sweater in my hands.  This little item must go to a new home!
I've worked many more rows on the Estonian scarf/shawlette, still loving it immensely.  Just think, in the condo I'll have a whole room for crafting!  I'll be able to block this puppy on the floor, with the door closed against feline intrusion.  I'll be able to have the sewing machine set up 24/7.  All my knitting & crocheting books & magazines will have their very own bookcase.  Speaking of which, the former owner's two offspring were present at our last walk through.  They'd been wondering what to do with some things that were still in the house (well, actually, on the patio) that had no places in their homes.  One item is a medium sized bookcase, needing a coat or three of paint; another was an older TV with a swiveling stand.  Both were offered to us, and will be staying with us.  Disco can have the TV & stand for her suite.  Once it's repainted, I'd like to put the bookcase in the front room as part of my crafting space. 
I have no idea how I'll manage to stay sane, moving right before Christmas.  I sure hope Disco & the Plaidman work up some more enthusium for this move, as they're at home all day most days & have the TIME to do some packing. 

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