Friday, January 23, 2015

Important things

I saw on that there's a Love Your Library challenge.  I don't know about a challenge per se, I visit ours at least once a month anyway.
We've always been keen on the library, even when we lived 30 minutes from the closest one.  Our new home is only about a half mile from a library branch!  And we consider this one of the home's nicest "features".  Our old digs were just so far from anything; we didn't even have a nearby fast-food chain when we first moved there.  Of course, we didn't have a neighborhood full of meth heads and other assorted lowlifes just out our back door either.  Now we're in a more urban area, with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby (haven't found a yarn shop yet...), but surprisingly it turns to woodland very quickly just a short distance from the main drag.  We see a huge flock of wild turkeys here most mornings, cleaning up all the acorns that fell in the Fall.  And boy are there a lot of acorns everywhere.  Disco had a turkey wake up call last Saturday, from a small group of young toms that wandered just past her window.  I believe that's the first time in a year that I saw her before noon on a Saturday. 

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Julie Crawford said...

I love libraries, too! I go every weekend, actually- books for myself or my daughter, and there's just so many great books out there.