Saturday, August 22, 2015

At long last

We are back up & running, for the most part.  I've posted the last three weeks of the Challenge over on another page, after much ranting about Picasa 3.9 (where'd my pictures go?!?!?), which I made the mistake of downloading.  I will just keep adding to that page for the fashion show.  But other stuff has been happening too!  Exciting stuff, like me catching my pinky toe on a doorstop, and almost ripping it off.  Look away if you're squeamish.
I think the cats learned some new words that day.  I just wish the Plaidman knew how to take a picture; I kept saying "the toe, sweetie", but had to crop out about half the dining table from the second pic.  Oops, did I just...nevermind.  That table gets washed all the time anyway.

The Jadeite Color Affection has been coming along nicely; I've got about 1" of the border done.  Cannot wait to wear it!  But it has been on the back burner for a few days, because I've been working 9 hr days for weeks and my eyes and hands are just too tired to do much in the evenings.  

I've been wearing bling by DiscoDame Designs, check it out:
Aqua & teal bracelet      Royal blue & silver illusion necklace    Malachite earrings   Royal blue earrings (match the necklace) and a "magical" necklace with charms.  Most of these are "one-offs", but as she's got a huge selection of beads & charms & findings she can probably whip up whatever one might like to have.  

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