Saturday, October 24, 2015

This 'n that

10/24/15 ETA:    I'm starting back on the South Beach Phase 1 diet.  I've had to fudge a little, because South Beach compliant foods weren't in the pantry.  Yesterday I had a breakfast of 2 eggs scrambled, seasoned lightly & wrapped in a slice of high-fiber whole wheat bread.  Lunch was also not compliant, I had some Campbell's split pea with ham soup, which has potatoes and carrots included.  I guess I could have picked out the root veggies.  Dinner was a Lean Cuisine turkey dinner.  This morning started better: I wrapped the scrambled eggs in a couple of Romaine lettuce leaves!  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, as I did not get hungry again until almost 11 a.m. -- I'm usually famished by 9:30!  Today's lunch will be a salad of mixed greens (heavy on the spinach, yum!) with cauliflower florets and some cooked turkey (ok -- it's turkey breast lunch meat, 99% fat free).  The sciatica has been a major pain lately, and I know that if I can get down to about 165 lbs it will be a lot less of a problem. I've actually done pretty well sticking to the South Beach plan this time, been mostly compliant all week!  We had a birthday luncheon Wednesday, chili and hot dogs -- I had a large bowl of chili & one dog without the bun.  I did splurge on a slice of birthday cake.  I have been having Romaine lettuce wraps for breakfast, with eggs (2), or an egg & sliced ham, or 2 slices of ham.  And I don't really miss my Raisin Bran.

I worked last Saturday, then went to Dillard's Boot Day "event".  Dillard's, you may want to add a few extra staffers to the Shoe Dept when you're advertising an "event" -- it took us forever to get help, but the staffer was really very nice so we made the best of it.  Anyway, I had been looking at ankle boots for weeks, thinking to replace the tan ones of man-made material, that came apart a few weeks after I bought them last year.  And I found two pairs @ $99.00 each, both handsome and leather, so the question was: Which pair do I buy?  The staffer offered a discount if I applied for a Dillards charge I bought both pairs!  That's a smart staffer, wish I'd gotten her name so I could give her kudos here.  'Coz she sold me one more pair than I had intended to buy, and made it very pleasant.  Can hardly wait to wear these beauties:
"Olive drab" = greenish brown
The color is closer in the 1st pic

But I will wait until my "maid" has put the protective spray on them -- must be nice to the new suede lovelies.  Christina has a sign at her desk, "Will work for shoes" -- eat your heart out, Christina!!  These babies are mine all mine.
So, here it is Saturday again -- the Komen Race happened out in Brentwood, and I didn't want to go over there while that was on.  So the boss sent me home with a briefcase full of manual reports to code.  I've been working in my housecoat & slippers.  TomTom discovered that I was parked near the door to the deck, and has been in and out all flippin' day.  He likes to sit in the planters -- it's ok, I haven't had any flowers there in ages, and he doesn't seem to know what dirt is for (he's been an inside kitteh all his life).
He really thought about running the 5K for Komen too; look at him getting kitted up in his pink ribbon knit hat.....
I'm about to update the Challenge page!


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I love this post!!!

CeltChick said...

Thanks, I had to relieve the stress of Saturday work with a little fun stuff!