Saturday, December 19, 2015

I can't believe

No, I just can't believe that I'm actually contemplating working up ( aka knitting) four small gifts for my fellow coders, at this late date.  But I am so glad and relieved that we've actually got two more coders (after losing one earlier)!!  The presence of these two, even if they're both still working on getting their CPCs and learning how "we" do things at Box O'Docs, takes a bit of the pressure off the senior coders.  So much so, that here it is the Saturday before Christmas, and I'm not at work.
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Disco is at work today, bless her heart.  She was hard pressed yesterday; apparently some of the other seasonal employees got that first paycheck and split.  She wants the completion bonus!  If she can hang in there through the 26th, she gets a sizable chunk of change as a bonus.
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We have a pre-lit 6.5' artificial tree set up in the living room. which has (surprisingly) been of absolutely no interest to the our climbing kitty, TomTom.  I was so sure he'd have to climb it!  I had a contingency plan, to put in on the other side of the living room windows on the deck -- there's an outlet there.  Anyway. there are no other decorations in place around the house, and I want to change that today & tomorrow.  
Chevrolet Malibu | GM Certified Pre-Owned
This is the other item on the weekend agenda: replace the Dodge Neon with a Chevy Malibu!  The Dodge is, let's face it, getting actually dodgy.  I don't want to be driving it at all anymore.  It's 11 years old, and worn out.  
Well, lots to do, not much time -- so I'd better get off the computer & get ready to roll.  Happy weekend, all!

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