Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I missed you too!

But I'm back now, and all's right with the world.  Yes, my pets, I took some time off just for me and flew down to Texas to see Sis & Pup & the nieces.  Pup seems to be in better shape than the last time I saw him, better able to follow & add to conversation.  Sis is a home health specialist in cognitive and speech therapy, and she has some patients at Pup's senior home -- so she gets by to see him several times a week, and really works with him.  Thank God for her training!
I took the Allotrope double-knit cowl with me, but had the same issue there as I've been having with it here: I'm bored with it, to the point of falling asleep with it in my hands.  I don't think I'm meant to be a "monogamous" knitter.  But Sis found other "crafty" things for me to work on:  Peerless T's birthday is coming soon, and Sis will have a carnival for her!  I put together some darling red & white striped "circus tent" cupcake stands, blew up about a zillion balloons, folded up a slough of cupcake boxes, etc etc.... Sis will have midway-style game booths, and nerf guns, and prizes!  The kiddo's will get to pick out their own cupcake, and carry it home in one of the boxes.  They'll also get a box they can fill with assorted candies, just to be sure everyone's on a major sugar rush.
Well, of course the Super Shopper & I went shopping too.  We did not make it over to the Clothes Mentor, but did hit up Burkes' outlet -- I got some Skechers, and some nice suede sandals, and of course some jewelry.  The next day we went to Savers, where I found two more pairs of slip-on type shoes -- both pair by Naturalizer! -- plus a Jennifer Lopez purse in the most unusual light taupe color, and of course some jewelry.  We made it over to Michael's for some crafty goodies (yarn, and jewelry making supplies for DiscoDame).  And seriously, between the shopping trips, climbing in & out of the Escalade, climbing up & down the steps in the living room & guest room, I think I may have overdone the physical stuff.  My back has not felt this bad in many years; I can barely hobble around.
There was one morning of rather extreme excitement fear:  Bro-in-law shot a water moccasin that had come up out of their pond, and later Peerless T found a live possum in the tipped-over trash can.  I was actually on the phone with the Plaidman; hearing T screaming I hung up & hustled to see what was up.  But I didn't move anywhere near as fast as the little dachshund Copper!  He was way in the back of the yard, the trashcan was clear in front of the house, and at the first screech from T that dog became a bullet racing toward her -- little legs just a gettin' it!  All 20 pounds of defensive doggy flew to her rescue.  And her Dad popped out of his office, snatched up the girl and zipped back inside -- I'm sure he suspected another water moccasin.  But the possum was ok, and left under his own power a bit later, and no one got bitten.  No harm, no foul!
The other thing Sis & I do together is binge watching something really special on the big screen in the media room.  This visit, it was War & Peace -- approximately eight hours of miniseries, which we watched in four segments over four nights.  It was fabulous.  The costumes, the locations, the story!  We were so rooting for Pierre to have some happiness.

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