Saturday, October 22, 2016

No takers yet

     I'm still waiting for music (not necessarily original, needs to be in public domain if not) and lyrics for my new 'fridge song.  I finished the lace headband in two colors of Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport, and it's just dying to go to a good home.  I'll put up pics of the refrigerator and headband, just in case inspiration is needed:

     Actually, I could have done better on the headband, and I'm thinking I could make several out of the two skeins I used, so I'll go ahead and make another.  My songwriter could have a choice of either one.

     Chez Plaid has been a little subdued lately, as the Plaidman works his way through another bout of diverticulosis.  He cooked dinner a few nights ago, and woke up with pain the morning after.  I keep telling him he needs to watch think about what he eats.
Heavens, I think I started this post two weeks ago....Since then, The Plaidman has been admitted to the hospital, had surgery, had some issues (!) that kept him in hospital, and finally got to come home. I dread getting on Facebook, his family will disown me for not letting them know his problems sooner.  I believe a good part of his problem was inactivity, he's in the habit of spending the day at the computer.  Anyway, he's patched up now, just suffering the aftereffects of surgery -- and making sure we know he is.
I've started binding off the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half-Circle shawl, with the lace bind-off in purl from the wrong side.  Seems like every time I pick it up I wind up falling asleep over it!  And I started a second skein on Miss A's halter top -- I love the yarn, and I should have one skein leftover with which to play.
I finally went for an eye exam.  Yes the tiny cataract is still there.  Something new is a very slightly elevated pressure in one eye, which they'll check again in a few weeks.  I have new sunglasses, new lenses in my office/computer glasses, and new lenses ordered for my regular glasses.  The sunglasses are huge, green & black frames -- very cool.

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