Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Forget the song

No song for our new refrigerator, please.  The thing is a side by side, and the freezer side has died.  Yes, the day before Thanksgiving.   We have a turkey breast defrosting in the fridge side, and that's ok, but it's kinda big and the idea was that we'd make up some other meals out of it and freeze them for future dining.  But I think we'll be eating turkey for a while.  I'll have to make some of my famous turkey, kale, & lentil soup in the crock pot.

I've started a small project, a soft cover for my seat belt.  I'm using Caron Simply Soft in a bright teal, just knitting a rectangle about 8" by 4.25", in garter stitch.  Once I've got my rectangle, I'll turn it on it's side and pick up stitches all down the side, to knit the same size rectangle again.  Then I'll fold it, take the doubled rectangle out to the car, and stitch it around the seat belt.  Two layers of garter stitch should make a bit of cushion between me and that belt.  If it doesn't, I'll just snip it off and put some batting between the layers.

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