Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm back home again, after a much too short visit with my sister & her family, & Dear Old Dad aka "Pup". We ate out a lot, and probably got banned from 3 different restaurants in the Austin area. We are nothing if not loud. Today was a killer; my three-year-old niece finally decided it's ok for her to talk to me. On the day I had to leave...after being in the same house with her since Friday. And since she's only three, and our method of storing long term memory alters around 4, she won't remember me next year. Le sigh. But the older niece did remember me, and was just tickled to get to see "Auntie Ann" again. She had a sleepover scheduled for Saturday, and went out the door wearing a sweater I crocheted for her a couple of years ago (it still fits!), the brand new felted hat I carried down to her, and carrying a teddy bear I made when she was about 3. Girl knows how to warm a knitter's heart, all right: just wear or carry all the handknits or crocheted items that she can! Well, I'm beat. I still have one more day of vacation, so I'll try to get back to this tomorrow.


discodame said...

Mom's home? Quick, hide the dishes, dump the litter boxes, stuff the papers under the rug, and make the beds, 'cause if Mom sees this mess we're done for!
H.B. & T.T. say: Mommy's home!! Quick, cover her in cat hair so she'll know how much we missed her.

discodame said...

Hi Mom! I just thought I'd let you know that a: I can't spell! and b: I finally got my first post up.