Sunday, September 21, 2008

An FO (sort of)

I finished the Knit Picks Moc Croc sock I had ripped & reknit! And it fits, too! Only one to go...well, if I want a pair of 'em. Did that Friday morning, and took some pics of the finished sock!

And I couldn't be happier about it. Never mind that it looks lonely, it's mate is already underway. I've also started another pair of the funky slippers, in shades of burgundy, orange & light yellow acrylic yarns from the oldest parts of my stash. I didn't even list this stuff on Ravelry, since I don't usually think of using it anymore, but it's the bees knees for the slippers I'm making. These things are just terrific stash-busters, and so giftable too. I wore mine up in the office the other day, 'coz my "new" cubby hole is in a sometimes chilly spot. Also 'coz the wedge heels I had worn were too tall to let me use the footrest under the keyboard tray. The slippers were nice & toasty.

I suppose I should get some pictures of slippers up here too:


Those purpled ones are now the property of the DiscoDame. I need to make some up for the Plaidman; I'm not even going to try to make them plaid!

Speaking of the stash, I got kinda wild & crazy over at DBNY, to the tune of $114.00 worth of yarn. That's 3 full bags of the angora wool blend, and some nice wool-mohair-silk blend laceweight. I am nuts. But then DD walked in with the mail, including a card from my Dad -- with a check for $100.00 inside! Thanks, Pup! Saved from the guilt, by a birthday gift that couldn't have come at a better time! But I am still nuts. Sugar, the old man's only been back to work two weeks, and one of the VPs doesn't like him (? how could anyone dislike the most easy-going but hard-working dude in the world? what's wrong with this guy?), and bills did get put on a back burner for a while....but I gotta get my yarn. Actually, I think I might need a life.

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discodame said...

What you need, BossLady, is a yarn intervention! If you buy anymore yarn, it'll take over the whole house!!!