Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wear off weight?

Whew! (Couldn't resist another W; I am 11 after all) This has just been the best weekend I've had in a while. Friday DiscoDame & I went to Threadfest over at the community center on Knowles, just acoss the street from the Fairgrounds. We shopped there for about an hour; I've added to my growing collection of old craft (mostly knitting) magazines & pattern books. And I found a ball of a mysterious laceweight yarn in a lovely, slightly plummy red. Not usually a color I'd choose, but it is pretty. I don't think either picture does it justice:
I had about $30 to spend, and left with $6. Well, that just wouldn't do! Fortunately, it's Flea Market weekend at the Fairgrounds! So we just scooted on up the hill to the free parking, and went in search of coffee. We found it in the second building, had a cuppa, and started shopping. We were there so early we beat some of the vendors. We strolled around until Arthur Itis showed up, bought a few goodies, then headed home for lunch. Immediately after dining, I put together the grocery shopping list, grabbed DiscoDame, & headed out to the north side to hit the pet store (Frontline for the cats), the WalMart (the things that were cheaper there), and back to our neck of the woods for the rest of the groceries. Whew, indeed! I'm so glad someone else cooked.
Saturday was a Free day at Cheekwood Botanical & Art Museum, so I got up early enough to throw dinner into the crockpot, then spent about 2 hours trying to get the family out the door. We never made it inside to see the art installation, because it was such a gloriously beautiful day that we just wanted to see the gardens. Of course, not much is blooming yet. We took lots of pictures of violas, of which there were many varieties in bloom, and of the daffodils in the Daffodil Show. After about 2 hours of trucking around, the Plaidman's bad ankle started to give out; we were afraid we'd have to carry him to the car so we left while he could still get around. Got home, the potatoes in the pot weren't quite done, so we vegetated in front of the TV for another hour 'till they were, and had a delicious roast beef dinner.

Sunday I was pretty achey from all the walking. Plaidman & Disco went out in the tiny car (not enough room for all the laundry & 3 people) to do the laundry; I stayed home & cruised around on Ravelry most of the day.

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Nalamienea said...

the pictures of daffodils are lovely! Sounds like you had a productive weekend :)