Monday, March 1, 2010

Agony of defeat

Well, after that last post I just kinda lost interest in the vest. I'd still like to make it, only not with intarsia blocks of SO MANY colors. So, no Knitting Olympics medal for me. I believe I'll frog the thing one more time, and try it another way. Maybe I need to find a pattern that's knit "sideways" so that the stripes can be knit in as usual. Part of the problem: not enough warm colors in the yarn I wanted to use. I've got 3 shades of blue, 3 greens, blossom pink and orange -- and neither of the last two are my favorites. So a redesign is in order, and I believe this vest will wind up being all blue, green & tan. I'll just leave out the warm colors.
The Plaidman is still laid off. DiscoDame is still unemployed (GRR!). Money is getting sparse. How many times in our nearly 33 years of married bliss (!?!?) have I been the sole breadwinner in the household? Gosh, when Disco was born the Plaidman was out of work! Good thing I had paid maternity leave, or we would have starved. Well, Plaidman & I would have starved; Disco wasn't bottle fed. What a joy THAT was! I felt like Bossie the cow the whole time.
In more pleasant news: the sun's out today! and it's supposed to get up to 50F this afternoon! Drat, the sun's out & I gotta work all day. Double drat, I haven't even got a finished object to photograph. Insert pout here.

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