Monday, May 3, 2010

Troubled times

We've survived the historic flooding occurring here in Middle Tennessee. The effects we've seen at Chez Plaid have been limited to a flooded crawlspace (pretty much all weekend) and a brief power outage Sunday. The Plaidman was kept hopping all weekend; every time the rain stopped, he'd jump up and go plug in the pump under the crawlspace. When the rain started up again (and it always started up again!), he'd jump up to stop the pump & collect the extension cord. Back & forth, poor soul!
I've lost my mind. I had a completed Moc Croc Sock, & about 2/3 of the leg portion of the second sock done. When I picked up this project again, I couldn't recall exactly how the increases & decreases went, so I re-read the pattern. Now, when I first started working this sock, I was a bit surprised that the ribbing rows (5 of the 6 rows in the pattern repeat) were a 4-stitch pattern (P1, K 3) while the inc/dec rows were a 5-stitch pattern. "How odd!", I thought. But I completed the first sock & started on the second the same way. So, when I re-read the pattern, imagine my chagrin when I saw that the ribbing rows are actually supposed to be *P1, K3, P1*; repeat between the * --which would make it a 5-stitch pattern JUST LIKE THE OTHER row. I worked the lower leg of the #2 sock, and even got the whole way through the gusset, and decided it just wouldn't do. So both socks have been completely frogged, the yarn's been washed to get out the kinks, and I've restarted these IN THE CORRECT PATTERN!!! And I'm using Magic Loop, & a 4o" Addi Turbo circular (US size 1), and I've knit on it all weekend, even taking it outside on the porch to knit in daylight while the power was out. Whew! I have about 4" of the first leg done, and it looks fabulous. Oh, and I love the Addi's! The Plaidman gave me this one, back when I thought I might actually knit some socks. Bless him.
If you need further proof that I am heading 'round the bend, consider this: I bought 5 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (years & years ago! couldn't afford that now!) in color way Baltic Sea, and had just about 4 of those hanks knit up in a Feather & Fan stole, and thought the changes between the hanks were too obvious. So it went into hibernation for about 18 months; it came out this weekend. DiscoDame helped me frog it (4 hanks!!) & wind it back into hanks on the swift. That yarn has all been washed, & it's nearly dry now. I know so much more about knitting now than I did when I started it, that I just thought I could do it a whole lot better. We shall see.
Well, chickadees, no pictures today: We've lost internet service at the house, and I don't know how to link into Flickr from here (I'm at work! Shhh!).

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