Monday, April 26, 2010

Good news day!

This morning I gave the booties to Baby Emma's grandmother, and asked if I could post a link to Emma's blog. Here it is:
Miss Emma's grandma had some good news: Emma was to go home today! I haven't seen another post since the last one, but I imagine her folks are awfully busy getting ready to have her at home. I hope they'll keep us all posted!
I took some LB Wool Ease in colorway "Barley" to Miss A at work, to see if it might be the color she's thinking of, but no dice! So I can't knit her hat from stash I already have on hand--I need a ball of the oatmeal color, or the lighter tan that I've been using for my Olympic Challenge Vest (still UFO, unfortunately). So...I guess I'll go to Hobby Lobby, or Michael's or Joann's, & buy 1 ball each of the tan & oatmeal. But not till payday! In the meantime, I dug out a unfinished project that I came across during Saturday's stash reorganization: the second Moc Croc Sock! I had about 4.5" of the leg done, but now that's up to 6.75" and I've started the heel flap! I'm really rather excited to be getting close to done on this, as I'd love to wear these. Just to refresh everyone's memory, here's the first sock (before blocking): **

You can see why I want to wear them. Anyway, I have been just clicking along on these for the past couple of days, so maybe they both be on my feet next week! I found a couple of other hibernating projects as well: the big feather & fan stole (soon to be completely frogged, hanked, washed & rewound), the Lump of Coal project (I was going to give these to coworkers--I imagine I would have been real popular afterward!), and my lovely lace tank. I have been sorely tempted by a pattern in a book of men's knits, for which I just happen to own the yarn called for--in more than one color even! It's the SWTC Soy Silk that I originally bought for Sis' afghan-to-be, that I never got around to picking a pattern for--so it may as well entertain me some other way. Oh, speaking of entertaining, have you been following the Yarn Harlot's infatuation with baby booties? What a hoot! Well, it seems DiscoDame may soon have my supper ready, so goodnight chickadees!

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