Friday, April 23, 2010

Clicking along

I've been busy.

Two tiny preemie caps, for a very young lady (3 months) who already has her own blog!
(ShiBui Knit sock, 100% merino, oh so soft.) I'm not linking, because I haven't okayed that with her parents. I hope to see pictures on the little one.

And Dolly Blankie #2 is ready to send, so I'd better round up a medium sized box & get down to the Post Office tomorrow. Pictures are so weird: note how items in the sun have such intense color? I did an auto correct to get some color, as those things looked washed out. The shots taken in the shade have the softer colors, which are closer to what these goodies actually look like.
Today Disco & I worked on the Yarn Pile, trying to whittle it down some & find a few "lost sheep". The wooly yarns are now mostly under cover in plastic storage crates, in ziplocs -- the goddess' gift to knitters. I had some of it in ziplocs already, but TomTom Kitty has been chewing on them! The acrylic yarns are mostly in less secure storage, except for one large sackful which is going to charity. I'm keeping the baby yarns -- I still owe 3 more Dolly Blankies to Princess T, and they'll be the same easy care stuff as the first two.
Can you believe this sweet little face could hide such EVIL?

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PinkAdele said...

OH I think the evil is there in the eyes. But I loves evil cats me!!! Prety Baby Hats! I love the colours! Let me know if the parents ok the blog cos I'd love to have a look!