Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got on Baby E's blog right after my last post, and found pics of her in the crocheted hat! Yippee! Nothing thrills a knitter/crocheter like seeing her handwork on the intended recipient. There's also a video of her having her first ever tub bath; she appeared to be rather surprised by the process and not too sure she wanted to be there. I finished the booties, so I'll load up some shots of those.

I've been asked to link to Baby E's blog, but as I haven't even asked her folks yet, I don't think I can do that right now. I'll give her grandmother the booties tommorrow.
I have another commission already, for a close fitting hat in a wool blend (mostly not wool! The buyer's allergic.), in a neutral color. A's asked for something in a tan or other neutral, and I found a skein of a light brown/tannish in the Lion Brand Thick & Quick that may fit the bill. I'll have to take the ball to her tommorrow to see if it's about the right color. I think it's a lovely soft brown. Miss A has a fair complexion, with medium brown hair and I think brown eyes. The soft brown may be a little too nondescript for her coloring (brunettes can carry deeper & brighter colors than folks with lighter coloring), or it may be exactly what she's looking for. It would be nice if I didn't have to shop for another yarn for this project!

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PinkAdele said...

Those are great baby boots!! So cute. Coming from one brunette I'd say stear clear of muted tones unless that's what she really wants. xxxx