Friday, April 16, 2010


We paid our income taxes by check, mailed last night. My wages got deposited this afternoon, so the check will be covered. I've already done some grocery shopping, just a small order as we had a lot of frozen food. Then I had to spend enough to make up the difference, on our internet security system renewal. Well, at least that's covered, too! **
I think the crocheted preemie cap is finished, JB seemed to think the size was right, so I applied a frilly crocheted flower just above the ribbing. I've been working on flowers for the knitted cap, which has been completely redone. It was a lot easier making the picot hem the second time! I made five repeats of the eyelet pattern, two more than on the original hat. But these silly crocheted flowers are kicking my butt: one's ok, one's uneven, one's too tiny, and one is so far unfinished. I'd like to whip up some booties too. Maybe with teeny pom poms!

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Marie-Jolie said...

Lovely to see your comment on my blog today. :) I have fond memories of visiting Tennessee to spend the summer with my Grandmother when I was a teenager. Lucky you to live there!

Taxes... phooey.