Saturday, December 4, 2010

More ways to win!

So, I see another giveaway--and another chance to win something! Have a linkie:
and check out this lovely cowl. Now you know I love me a cowl, though frankly I'd rather knit it in the round. Don't know if I can adapt this one or not, but I guess if a provisional cast on was used, a three-needle bind off or Kitchener stitch would make a nice closure. Well, go check it out!
I have FO's!! DiscoDame was willing to model & help with props:

Whaddya think of them apples, huh? Wanna see more? These are F. Pea's Raging Fingerless gloves, which are knit flat in her pattern, but which I converted to knit in the round. This pair is going to someone tiny.

And LO!, there are more FO's -- the resized granny square stockings for Donna Kirby:

Donna was kinda tickled that her stockings were going into Ravelry & on a blog; she thinks she'll be famous! LOL!! Merry Christmas, Donna!

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