Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drumroll, please! Giveaway Time!

3/26/11 ETA: Due to extenuating circumstances, the drawing date for this month's Giveaway will be extended to 3/31/11 (midnight my time!). Later posts show a picture of the lace beret that's part of the "package"; here's a few shots of this month's stitchmarkers (the alphabet ones are examples; I promise there'll be more than two!):
The buttons used here are only 1/4" wide; I've used some of these on baby booties!

In addition to these cute little things & the two hats, one of this month's winners will receive a copy of the shawl pattern relesed by Wendy, Japanese Garden. She's sending her part of the payment for this pattern to the Red Cross's relief efforts in Japan, so if you have a Ravelry ID I can gift the pattern to you directly and you can be part of the relief effort. If you're not keen on the Red Cross, please check out Mason-Dixon Knitting--the ladies have a blanket pattern for sale, proceeds of which are to go to Doctors Without Borders. You know we knitters can shake & move the world when we pull together!

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I've got a hat ready to give away for my March readers' gift:

These are really easy to make, and I just sold two to the Sarge. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick, machine wash & dry on low, very easy care and Sarge says his kids fight over them. They are wonderfully warm. There's a very deep ribbing, which can be rolled up for something like a watch cap or left unrolled.
I'm also working on an All-Day Beret, a Debbie Stoller design for Stitch Nation, in a lovely spring green--yes, it's Bamboo Ewe! Debbie had sent me some sample skeins she'd had from the maker (Red Heart), and this is the first I've used. No pics yet; but I'm about 6" up from the cast on edge, and it's very easy & quick. DiscoDame has been busy making more stitchmarkers, so I'll be offering them too--just gotta pick which set I'll part with! I packed up the February gift, including a little extra goodie (none of your business!), but to my surprise the Post Office was already closed this morning when I got there at 11:15! So Knitterofhats will have to wait another couple of days, but it will be mailed Monday.
Also on the needles: a Janet beret in Alpaca Love (more of Debbie's gift!), for which I worked a tubular cast on to start the ribbing -- nice & stretchy! I'm torn as to whether to offer it with the giveaway, as it's in Niece#1's favorite color. And I kinda owe her a birthday maybe this first one goes to her, and I'll work another for next month, ok?
******I'm upping the ante this month, here's the deal: Starting 3/1/11, leave a comment on this blog post with either a link to your blog or to your profile on Ravelry. Then, on your blog or in the Blog Train group on Ravelry, mention my giveaway! I'll check these on 3/25/11, & for each mention of my giveaway, you'll get a chance to win a gift drawn on or about 3/25! I'll contact you for your particulars, and this month's drawing is open to addresses in North & South America & the EU & Australia. Just be sure to comment on this post, and leave me some contact info (blog or Ravelry). Good luck!


fleegle said...

A sweet hat--love the colors! And thanks for your kind comment on Counting Sheep :)

Ann said...

Yay for Fleegle! First commentator for the March giveaway! I seriously need to put a pic of the beret on here; I've been working on it during break in the office, and several ladies have admired it.

Ele said...

Awesome hat! :D

I found you via Ravelry and you mentioned a giveaway so I thought I would have a peek :)

I'm hoping to do some kind of giveaway on my blog at some point, but I'm not quite ready for that yet ;)

Take care :)

Amy ~X~