Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lookee, new stuff!

Hi y'all! If it's Saturday, I must be posting from the library...and I am. I have some more pictures of this month's giveaway, which will be drawn on 3/25 from commentors on my previous post. Here's a pretty item up for grabs:

I have pics of this month's stitchmarkers, but I haven't decided which ones I can bear to part with! DiscoDame is all about "reduce, re-use, recycle", so she's been saving the big pony beads from her old hair dodads, and put them to use in these:

I'm working on another lace beret, called the Janet Beret, and this is also done in a Stitch Nation yarn--Alpaca Love, in color Dusk. It's a lovely deep purple, which just happens to be a favorite of one of my nieces. I think I missed her birthday, but maybe a pretty lace beret would make her forget that!

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fleegle said...

Love the green hat!!

And thanks so much for your compliments on my Percy shawl!