Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Count down

Ten days until the giveaway! DiscoDame is working on some pastel beaded stitchmarkers as spring has nearly sprung. She's also working on some with knitting abbreviations via alphabet beads. I've told her we need some with four-letter words, but I don't know if she'll make them!
Last night I went to the grocery to pick up two very important items that I'd forgotten in the weekly shopping: a beef brisket & a head of cabbage! Can you believe it, I got the last Savoy cabbage in the bin. There were lots of briskets available, though. And you know the Plaid Patrol needs their corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick's day! I'll have to get up early so I can put it in the slow cooker before I leave for work. Yum, I think I can smell it now....

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