Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After careful review

I looked into the Every Which Way Wrap mentioned in the last post. This is a paid pattern, and from the look of it not exactly reversible. Now I don't mind paying a bit for a nice pattern, and this does look nice--but the reversibility of the Every Way Wrap was what sold me on knitting it. So I guess for now I'll pass on the Every Which Way (thank goodness! It was gonna get confusin' here real soon!). Last week I knit another pair of Aunt Maggie's Slippers for Disco, in a light orangey gold plu a medium orangey red acrylic yarns. They went so much faster than the last pair; have I actually gotten to be a faster knitter? I could live with that!

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fleegle said...

I hope you take up spinning--it's relaxing! Then you can buy my book :)