Monday, January 23, 2012

More slippers

I've started a pair in Titans (Boo! Hiss!)colors, for the Plaidman. Had to really hunt for appropriately colored yarn--I don't actually have navy acrylic in the stash. Duh. Most of my acrylic yarns seem to be either pastels or Christmas red & green. So, neutrals are kinda sparse! Disco was wondering whether we could just try tying together a slough of different colors in 20'-30' lengths, to make our own "variegated". I said sure, as long as you don't mind pastels & Christmas! I have written up my notes for adaptations to Aunt Maggies's Slippers; if there is any interest I'll put that over on my patterns page, with a link to the original pattern.
Go Patriots! (We hate the Ravens...)

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