Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cute overload

Our neighbors have the cutest long-haired Chihuahua, and a few evenings ago he (the dog) came over for a visit.  I was sure such a tiny doggie would be really fearful, but I stepped out on the porch and called to him -- I dread the thought of any small pet getting into the road in front of our house -- and the little dear came right to me, even let me pick him up!  I guess he's never even been spoken to sharply; his only experience of humans is that they exist to lurve & adore him.  Anyway, he made a new conquest; I almost didn't want to take him back to his home.  The cats would have freaked if I'd brought him inside! 

I made button covers for the Cowboy Surf's cowl buttons!  Really simple, and saved a lot of hassle -- I'd looked around town for decent buttons, but none really jumped out at me.  So -- I made some!  Used US size 1 needles, one strand of the same yarn used (double stranded) for the scarf, and some shanked military-style buttons from my button box.  Luckily, I had four alike; with the covers on 'em they're about 7/8" wide.
The Cowboy Surf is nearly ready to hit the trail!  Saturday a.m. I gave it a sink bath, rinsed twice (the 2nd rinse had some softener), then I put a small folded towel over the shower curtain rod.  I tossed the Surf scarf/cowl over that at about the half-way point, then brought the ends together and clipped them onto a fat plastic clotheshanger.  Then I hung the wet towel, used to blot most of the rinse water from the scarf, onto the hanger's hook -- and now the Surf is drying nicely stretched out!  It might be dry by tonight; I'll then check the ends to see if they need to be smoothed out with steam blocking.  Then the buttons go on, and I do a happy dance.  Must find the battery charger for the camera!!  I'll leave the Young Gent a note today to let him know I'll want pictures on Monday. 

I have a plan for the feral cats living under our house: trap & take to the pound!  We've got a bit of do-re-mi saved up, and it's time to get under the house & sister that "defective" joist.  I want to hire some pros, although I've read up on it on some DIY sites, which all state that a reasonably handy homeowner should be able to do that job himself.  If we had another bathroom, I'd be tempted to take that route, but with just the one I want this job done !Pronto! so we can use the bathroom.  Next up for the money pit: the roof.  Oh my...that's gonna cost.   

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