Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, you know that humongous Power Ball lotto?  Yeah, that one last night.  I've only ever played Power Ball oh, maybe 4 times.  I heard this morning that both the big winners were in other states, but that someone from my state won a million bucks.  Gotta check my numbers!   Sure enough, I'm a winner!!  Of 7 (seven) whole dollars.....  Kinda let down now.... 
Some of the folks back in Marketing are telling me they'd like to market my cowl.  I took a cowl pattern I'd found online, and tweaked it to give a bit more coverage of the upper chest & shoulders.  And it is just so light & small enough still to stuff in a pocket (it the gloves aren't already residing there).  Anyway, I'll likely whip up a few to pass around, and see what develops.  Hey, I won enough to buy a skein of the yarn!

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