Monday, December 3, 2012

Almost there

It's December already?!?!?  What the heck happened to November?  Oh yeah, I remember: I worked through most of it.  Thank Dog for a job & a steady paycheck; but I sure could have used a little more downtime.  I have five new pairs of trousers, birthday swag (I'm a Libra), that still haven't been hemmed.  I haven't even started on all the armwarmers I meant to make for the coworkers.  BUT! I do have one commission  --  a fluffy, bright colored, warm super wide headband for a niece (no, not one of mine -- I don't think they'd have much use for it, in South Texas).  I'm using a Plymouth bulky yarn called Bazinga.  It's freakin' awesome!  What colors!  I bought two balls, and wound up both right away.  Right now, I'm alternating pulling the yarn from the outside and the inside of the ball.  I think I can get this done with just one ball, if one layer is enough, but I won't mind using the other if I have to -- I'll just knit the thing twice and sew them together.  And I bought the sweetest button for the back fastening, it's got a swirl of colors very similar to the yarn's, on a creamy background.  AbFab, I tell ya!
The citrus-colored sock is going pretty well.  I've turned the heel, and finished the gusset.  Now to push on thru the foot, then cast on another.  I will be stunned and amazed if I get these done before Christmas, or even before 12th Night.  Pup's Steeler's sock is also in progress, tho not so far along -- after being ripped back (from a 7" long leg!) and restarted in another pattern, I've got about 3" knit.  And land's sake, it had to be frogged -- that yarn in a 2 X 2 ribbing was just making me weep from boredom.  I have a much better pattern working now!
We went to the movies a couple of weekends ago, and saw the new James Bond flick, Skyfall.  Loved it!  James Craig & Javier Bardem are both terrific.  Bardem goes over the top, but in just the best way.  I still get jazzed thinking about Craig's part in opening the Olympics; didn't you just love Her Majesty?  What a trooper!  But then there's the sad news: one of the Corgis that participated in that skit has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was getting on, so it's not too surprising, but I'm sure he's missed. 

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