Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White (after-)Christmas

When I left the house this morning (about 0 dark thirty, which is an expression I've used FOR YEARS and I should so sue somebody....), the rain was slight to moderate & spotty.  Of course, I don't rate a window or even an outer wall, so I never know what the weather gets up to while I'm stuck in my cubicle.  Anyway, I called the Plaidman to review his plans for the day, and he told me the snow (Snow!?!) was already melting.  No snow fort this year!  Boy that brings back a memory:  I know I was pretty young, not yet out of elementary school so this had to have happened in Pennsylvania.  Dad used to watch for the snowplow to come down the street, and slip the driver some cash to plow our driveway.  We'd have these two huge mounds of snow across from each other at the end of the driveway; instant snow forts!  Just climb to the top and level it a bit, them back down a few steps and stomp that area flat, then make a slough of snowballs and the war was on!  We'd hollow out small snow caves on the backside (where did ya think the snowballs came from?); Mom used to worry that one or all (5) of us would be buried in a collapsing mound. It never happened, but I did lose a boot that wasn't found until spring.  Snow suits, we hadz them.  Disco hears this kind of story from both her parents, and she seems to think it must have been fun, but she'd rather not go outside in "serious" snow.  Just a southern belle, she is. 
ETA: I just realized I forgot to mention the "progress" on Pup's Steelers socks.  It's sorta two steps up & 1 back:  I'd started over, as reported earlier, and had about 4" done for these men's size 10.5, when I had a thought.  Why not get the Plaidman to try on what I had done, just to make sure it would go over his size 8.5 heel?  No sooner thought, than done!  Unfortunately, it would just barely go over his heel.  Back to the frog pond it went.  I wound the yarn into a hank on the swift, and washed it the next day to relax the kinks.  In the meantime, I wound up a whole new ball of the yarn (I have 6 skeins!) and started over with an increased cast on.  It's now about 3" long, and will go over the Plaidman's heel quite well.

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