Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Better (than...)

The injury to my arm has abated a good bit; thanks for all your good thoughts.  The Peerless Princess' Bunny Hop ( sweater is now just a mite over 11 inches long, and I'll continue at a moderate pace.  I had a thought about the possible difference in gauge between the flat knitting of the body, and the circularly knit sleeves.  My purls are slightly looser than my knits.  The sleeves, being knit in the round, will not have any purls.  I dread the math that may or may not be required to make the gauges match up. 

We had a quiet weekend, good for remembering the servicemen & -women who've bought our freedom.  I thought about Big Tom a bit, and the Plaidman's brother (still with us, thank goodness), and of course Pup.  Pup was in training as part of the Army Air Corps, and he told me some stories about that time, while I was visiting this spring.  I tried to write down a lot of them, for Disco mostly.  Not sure if I can share them here.

The Plaidman was idle (how dare he?!?!) for a bit on Saturday, so I suggested he make some magazine holders for me.  I'd picked up some of the smaller postal boxes (hey, they're free & sturdy), and had a copy of a tutorial for making the holders, and Pup had given me a whole craft knife set (SCORE!!) -- so Plaidman went to work.  He's made two; I could probably fill a half dozen easily.  But before we get carried away making any more, I want to rearrange the bookshelf and look for other areas that could hold magazines if we cleared out some other clutter.  Shoot, I could probably get the Plaidman to put a shelf over the headboard--I should totally look into that.

Our one big celebration of the holiday was going to Centennial Park to listen to live blues.  Taj Mahal was the headliner!  I got lots of pictures, even a short video with our dinky camera.  So y'all have that to look forward to, once I get those off the camera and onto my flash drive. 

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