Saturday, May 18, 2013

I got pictures!

Ok, I failed to take pictures of my nieces in their new made-by-me handknits.  And I really wanted pics of the Leaves of Grass fingerless mitts I'd made for Miss A.  So...I knit another pair, for me!  Check these:

And this weekend, after much swatching, I've started knitting a Bunny Hop sweater for the Princess.   This is in Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn, in colors Grass (more like green apple), Midnight (a dark teal) and Popsicle (either a deep rosy pink or a raspberry-like pink).  I'm chugging along on it too; making the largest size for Herself as she's tall for her age and very athletic.  Hey, Miss A got a sweater from Auntie Anna, so the Peerless Princess needs one too.  The best part?  Both the pattern and the yarn were a giveaway prize from Yarn On The House!  I am just thrilled to have it all, and will probably be sending pictures everywhere (to V, to the designer, to Spud & want a copy?) 

Today we're celebrating DiscoDame's 30th birthday.  I gave her an Official Old Lady Kit, with prunes & Milk of Magnesia, denture paste & wrinkle cream, a tube of BenGay, some reading glasses, some adult diapers (!!!boy did I get some grief over that!!!), and a muu-muu type housecoat with pictures of cats pinned all over it.  That's her Official Crazy Cat Lady uniform.  I took pictures, but I'd better not put them here; she knows where I live (since she lives there too....).  The Plaidman found a Plano tackle box in the size she wanted, for a lot less than the price at the outdoor store.  It's huge, and she's going to put all her beading gear in it.  By the time she gets it filled, she won't be able to lift it.  Anyway, part of the celebration is a visit to the library, so here we are.

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